Tap into Success at Empowered Northwest May 7-8, 2015


For small businesses and accounting professionals, the sky’s the limit, because the cloud is quickly becoming the next new frontier to ramp up productivity and success. So join us in Portland, Oregon May 7-8 for a premier event designed to introduce you to CEOs, thought leaders in the industry plus QuickBooks-compatible, cloud-based technology solutions.

Called Empowered Northwest, this two-day conference is the premier QuickBooks user conference for the entire region. Sponsored by companies you trust—because they sponsor The QB Show too—including TSheets Time Tracking, Fundera and Avalara, this event is a don’t miss. Experience the power of illuminating keynotes from Matt Rissell, Sabrina Parsons, Mike Michalowicz and Mary Scott. Get hands-on education and marketing sessions. Test drive best-of-breed, cloud-based accounting and business solutions that seamlessly sync with QuickBooks. Network with people you’ll really want to know. Even earn up to 12 CPE credits.

It’s geared to get you on the right track, fast. After the general sessions with leading entrepreneurial authorities, you have three different tracks to choose from—the accounting track, the QuickBooks business track or the cloud track—to custom design your experience to match your pursuit of business happiness. Accountants can learn exactly what apps to recommend and implement, even invite their clients along too. Entrepreneurs will find out how they can leverage the cloud to reach goals and rise far above the competition.

It pays to sign up early—30% off, in fact. Early bird registration ends March 15, with discounted tickets only $69. After that, the price goes up to $99. So sign up now at www.empowerednw.com, and we’ll see you in Portland soon.

Please Welcome Fundera to the QBShow.com Family!!!

Welcome to the QB Show’s newest sponsor, Fundera! The most recent addition to Apps.com (check out their App Card here), we’re happy their joining the ranks of our amazing sponsors.

So, what IS Fundera? Simply put, its the easiest and quickest way to get a small business loan.

Right now, 82% of small businesses are getting their loan applications denied by the banks. The days of heading to your local bank to get a loan (or recommending your clients go there) is long gone. Why is this happening?

  1. Increased Regulation — Post-Recession, banks are having to carry less risk in their portfolios. Unfortunately, small businesses are inherently riskier than larger businesses.
  2. Smaller Loans — Often, small businesses aren’t seeking incredibly large loan amounts. However, considering the work that goes into underwriting, it costs banks just as much to make a small loan as it does a large loan. These small loan amounts aren’t profitable for banks, causing them to shut their doors to small businesses.


Luckily, an industry of new, online lenders have popped up to fill the void left by banks. But, finding a loan online can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Since the industry is so new, no one knows where to start. Not to mention, when you Google “small business loan,” every results looks identical.

That’s where Fundera comes in. They vetted the entire “alternative” lending industry and created a network of the best lenders out there (including other Apps.com members Fundbox and BlueVine). Then, with one, singular application, business owners can apply to the lenders they like (and qualify for), ensuring they get the lowest cost loan in the fastest amount of time.

It’s a huge time-saver for the business owner, as they can shop for their loan options in one place. Not to mention, only having to complete one application (and prepare one set of paperwork) to apply to multiple lenders saves them hours if not days. Their integration with QuickBooks even expedites the process further, as the application can be pre-filled with your QuickBooks data.

Due to the competitive nature of their marketplace, Fundera is also able to make a lowest rate guarantee. That’s right. Borrowers will see a lower cost loan by shopping through Fundera than going directly to a lender. On average, businesses save $4,000 by acquiring a loan through Fundera.

Throughout the whole process, businesses are matched with their very own “success rep” whose sole job is to help them find the best product for their unique business. The only people you interact with throughout the process are a part of the Fundera team. You don’t have to worry about dozens of lenders calling you, trying to sell their product.

Best of all, Fundera is a completely free service.

For accountants, bookkeepers and ProAdvisors, Fundera has an Advisor program. If a client you refer to Fundera successfully secures a loan, you will receive 1% of the total loan size. They even have an “Advisor Portal” that lets you complete applications on your client’s behalf. You can sign up for their Advisor Program here.

In their first year in business, Fundera helped 300+ small businesses secure 12 million in funding — and they’re just getting started. Named one of the hottest startups in NYC, we’re glad Fundera has joined the QB Show family and excited to learn more about how they’re helping small businesses.

Questions? Let them know @Fundera or by emailing advisor@fundera.com.

End to end: QuickBooks Online (QBO) + QuickBooks Payments & Invoice Portal with Woody Adams & Stacy Kildal

Woody and Stacy had some fun with QuickBooks Online & Payments this morning!


QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Online Accountant Greatest Hits

From Woody Adams:

I spend a lot of hours during the week presenting to firms regarding QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). And I will just talk and be in product for like 90 or 115 minutes, showing the ins and outs, comparing features to desktop QB, answering questions, running the gammit. But I really want to start focusing on a more abbreviated presentation that solely focuses on the coolest parts of my favorite accounting platform. I mean, pretty much everyone knows QBO can create an invoice and pay a bill, run a report and track sales tax, blah blah blahblahblahblahblahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

But what are the reasons a small business owner and their accountant should get excited about QuickBooks Online? Like, what features does it offer that will really make a difference to me as a human being? Why should I even bother lifting up the hood. I believe the following QBO and QBOA functionality turns heads. I hope I turn yours, yet, not like when you are driving or walking down the sidewalk and the attraction could cause you physical harm… well, not really

I present this, for your reading satisfaction: QBO and QBOA Greatest Hits

We’re just trying to talk about QuickBooks…

Here it is!

Our special holiday gift to all of our listeners.

Stacy busted out her Way Back Machine and uploaded this to YouTube for all the world to share. The infamous crank call.

Please enjoy.