Help Us Celebrate Our 4th Birthday!

Today, The QB Show turns 4! 

That’s right, our first live, audio only show aired 11/17/2010 and we want you to celebrate with us.

Starting this week, we’ll be giving away a prize to a randomly chosen person that has like our FaceBook page: – until the end of 2014!

The first prize, given away to Christine Galli, is an appearance on The QB Show (date TBD), a special thank you gift and FLEECE LEGGINGS (she happens to live in The Enchanted Mitten like Stacy)

We also have prizes from:

School of Bookkeeping (11/25/14)

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Intuit (12/30/14)

Accounting for the Affordable Care Act

How do you account for the Affordable Care Act in your QuickBooks desktop?

This help doc will help you!

Health Coverage Reporting User Guide for QuickBooks

Live Blogging the QuickBooks Connect Afternoon Keynote

We’re about to get rolling!

Bill Rancic: Giuliana Rancic is a master negotiator, and he should know :)

Giuliana Rancic is taking the stage now

Giuliana Rancic just told the crowd how couldn’t speak English when they moved to the States when she was younder and her teachers couldn’t speak Italian so they spoke to her in Spanish; she learned from watching news anchors on tv.

Giuliana Rancic: “I started my first reporter job and didn’t realize they had hair and make up, so I walked in with my Kaboodle case.” Kickin’ it old skool!

Giuliana Rancic: “I’m me, and bringing my own style”

Giuliana Rancic: “Find a solve a problem in the marketplace”

Martha Stewart is on stage!

Martha Stewart: Her curiosity is what drives her to try new things

Martha Stewart: Working on Wall Street was a good education on how to businesses are run

Martha Stewart: I don’t think of them as obstacles, I think of them as problems to be solved

Martha Stewart: “I’m really good at hard work”

Martha Stewart: As an entrepreneur, find a void and fill it

Martha Stewart: It’s all well and good to work hard, but you need to compensated fairly for that hard work. (Yes!)

Martha Stewart:  “When people tell you that something bad will make you stronger, tell them F – U – C – K you.” HAAAAAAA

Martha Stewart: I wasn’t trying to be an early adopter when I bought my first computer in 1982. I just needed one.

Martha Stewart: Her future involves making sure her brand has a good, long, strong life

Kevin Cleary from Clif Bars is on stage

Kevin Cleary: Entrepreneurs are like runners: every step is a choice between aspiration and activation

Kevin Cleary: The american dream is about executing a Start Up motivation over and over

Arianna Huffington is on the stage!!

Arianna: You can never overestimate the power of complete un-comprehensibility

Arianna: Nothing in business is worth jeopardizing your health over

Arianna: Tip 1 for small businesses owners: get 30 more minutes a sleep a night

Arianna: Tip 2: Remove your electronic devices from your bedroom

Arianna: Tip 3: Simplify. Many projects you can finish by dropping them so focus on the important ones

Arianna: The more present you can be, the more productive you can be

Arianna: If God and the CTO of Cisco can take a day away off, so can she

Arianna: We all get bad calls from the ref in life – the question is: Can we let it go?

Scott Cook is up on stage now :)

Scott: “I measure our success by the emotion of our customers”

Marc Andreessen being interviewed by Scott Cook

Marc: Pivot happening now with SaaS and small business will be able to deal with data like large companies, they’re more nimble and can make decisions and switch direction more easily

Marc: Good CEOs succeed with strategy/tactics, tilting into problems, being honest with their employees and themselves, knowing when to stick to or change a plan

Marc: Don’t ever take one person’s advice as the gospel

Marc: The internet is a huge lever that small business can use to compete with big biz

Marc: is a site every business owner should check out

Marc: Being scared is a part of the emotional roller coaster of being a business owner

Live Blogging QuickBooks Connect Morning Keynot

Sekou Andrews kicked off the event and was amazing – Intuit CEO Brad Smit just took the stage.

Brad Smith – 4 major trends happening that will affect small biz. 1. Social – companies that win don’t create just products, they create platforms. 2. Cloud – borders have been erased. Customer expect seamless experiences. 3. Mobile – companies that win today have to imagine their products mobile first. 4. Data – opportunity is to capitalize on the data but protect security and integrity.

Brad Smith – We have a simple aspiration: to be the operating system for the small biz. “Software that helps small businesses manage their time and money”

Brad Smith – 6 out of 10 small businesses get turned down for loans. Intuit has facilitated $45 million dollars for small businesses.

Brad Smith – Small businesses are more likely to succeed when they work with accounting professionals.

Bill Rancic just took the stage!

Intuit QuickBooks Connect Hackathon $15k winners: Payments Cloud by Cloud Conversion, Saftety Net by Jobber, Service Titan. Congrats to Method CRM for winning the $55k grand prize!!

Bill Rancic’s first business? Making pancakes for his grandmother’s friends.

Tristan Walker & Debbie Sterling just hit the stage.

Tristan on biggest obstacles: Usually what looks like a bad idea can be a good idea, and what looks like a good idea is a bad idea, because there are probably a lot of other people with that same good idea

Debbie on biggest obstacles: I didn’t have it right first time, or the tenth time, but I learned and fixed what was wrong.

Tristan: Dont’ let lack of context cloud your judgement, you don’t get what you don’t ask for, the trials you go through and the blessings are the exact same things

Debbie: Put yourself out there, be specific and direct when you ask for what you want, surround yourself with great advisors

Charles Best just took the stage – Funny story about getting his start, and his advice? Always check whether it’s reply or forward before sending a smack talking email :)

Magic Johnson is up next! Shout our a fellow Michigander!

Magic says find a mentor, and have the courage to say you don’t know business and seek out help

Magic says he overcame fear of failure by believing in himself and his business plan

Magic: Sometimes you need to bring a partner or investor to the deal so they can see it firsthand

Magic: If you know your customer and treat them well, their loyalty will be your best marketing

Magic: Two times each year do a SWOT (assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Also, reinvest in your biz, have a great team and be ready for growth

Magic: I learned to be successful by having great advisors and people to tell me NO

How to Record In Kind Donations in QuickBooks Online

Woody Adams thought it would be a great idea to put in writing the instructions from the discussion between Dawn Brolin and Joe Woodard about accounting for in kind donations, on our October 7, 2014 show.

We’ve uploaded the PDF, hope you enjoy!