A very unique experience, Radio Free QuickBooks brings QuickBooks users a live, interactive show that not only answers how-to questions, but offers up to the minute best practices, tips and tricks for QuickBooks, QuickBooks add-ons, and other general small business concerns directly to a listener’s desktop computer, headset, or portable MP3 player. Each week the show is recorded live and is then archives are available via browser, RSS feed, iTunes and other show listing sites.



Radio Free QuickBooks listeners are QuickBooks users/consultants, accounting professionals and small business owners. They are an ideal group of potential customers for QuickBooks add-ons or supplies or any other small business service or product. Because they actively seek out our show to learn about new process, products and services for themselves and clients, they are inherently more qualified prospects than traditional passive radio listeners. As nationally recognized trainers, Woody, Dawn and Stacy have earned a level of trust; our listeners know that we don’t promote products we don’t use or believe in strongly.

Our Intuit Relationship

While not directly affiliated with Intuit/QuickBooks, we have close contacts with many that work there and get great support from their social media promoters. Radio Free QuickBooks is regularly mentioned on Facebook and Twitter, on their blog site, in live and recorded webinars and online courses and has had articles featured on their blog and in their ProLine Newsletter.

Why Sponsor a Podcast/Online Radio Show?

  • Listeners visit sponsor websites: 71%* of viewers visit a podcast sponsor’s website and 40% of viewers purchase a product or service based on podcast sponsorship .
  • Non-Intrusive: Most podcasters choose companies, products and services they are familiar and comfortable with to sponsor their shows. This makes the sponsor mentions easy to blend into the conversation. According to the Association for Downloadable Media, 67% of people recently polled stated that they generally don’t mind sponsorship messages and occasionally find them useful; 52%* stated the same regarding hosts discussing the products .
  • Camaraderie: By choosing a show that is a strategic alliance for your products, you’re building a relationship not just with the host, but the listeners that trust their opinions. This on-going relationship can help extend your reach as well as the effectiveness of your sponsorship.

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