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Of Guest hosting and the QuickBooks Community

This is a guest post from one of our recurring Guest Hosts, Richard Roppa.

We all have different ideas of what a community is.  Our community – the QuickBooks community – made up of ProAdvisors, CPAs, bookkeepers, Financial Advisors, Software Vendors, QuickBooks Connect attendees, Scaling New Heights attendees, Journalists, Business Owners, and so many others, is the best community I have ever been a part of.  Two to three times a year, we all see each other, form bonds, share experience, have drinks, share meals, share war stories and talk to other people who “get it.”  To me, *my* community, *this*community, is defined by the shared experiences of my friends, peers, and colleagues.  

We all have different ideas of what a community is.

Why all this talk of community?  Because of an email I received after guest hosting The QBO Show. An email that made me sit back and realize how lucky I am to be a part of such a caring and giving community.  A community that gives to each other – time, knowledge, wisdom, education, pats on the back, and even metaphoric slaps in the face when we need them.   

G Ann Lee wrote to me to say that she had heard on the show that I wasn’t able to afford to go to Scaling New Heights this year and was writing to offer me a ticket!  I was floored.

What floored me even more?  I barely knew Ann.  We met a conference a few years ago, and she asked me a few questions about helping her choose a CRM.  I did what I do, and I gave her some info, and then introduced her to some key players.  Then I moved on, and so did she.  I never thought about that moment again until she reminded me.

Over the next week, we got to know each other better.  I have learned about her business and what good referral looks like for her.  She did the same with me.  We even exchanged cat pictures!

I realize how lucky I am to be a part of such a caring and giving community.

Ann, you have a new friend in Richard Roppa and The QBO Show.  You defined community for me today and I will not forget your offer of kindness.  I will be paying it forward.  If you are reading this, I will be expecting pictures from the conference and Skype cocktails upon your return.

If you would like to know more about G Ann Lee and her CPA practice, check her out at  

Check out AeroWorkflow

We recently found a great new app, and it comes from one of our very good friend, Laura Redmond!! Check out the July 7, 2015 show – she’ll be on to tell us all about Aero is a workflow management app for accounting practices looking to become a #FirmoftheFuture. Organize your firm’s proprietary processes, optimize your firm’s service delivery, and actively manage your firm’s resources. If you’re going to offer fixed fee value billing, you’ll want to control your service delivery.

Designed by accountants, for accountants. 

$10K Reasons To Attend Scaling New Heights 2015

By Kelly Bistricieanu of

Money, money, money, money, money. That sounds cooler if you sing it to the tune of “The Love of Money” by The O’Jays. Cold hard cash feels pretty great to win, and earn. But when taking the final accounting of why you’re really in business, it comes down to the love of many other things too. Clients. Challenges. Plus career paths that expand your world and the work lives of your customers.

That’s why, TSheets is celebrating accountants everywhere and at the same time, aren’t Brass tacks, though. About that money: TSheets has unveiled the launch of the second annual $10K PRO Referral Challenge. We’re talking some pretty major pay-offs. The top referring PRO during the contest wins $5,000. The second runner up gets $3,500. The bronze winner walks away with $1,500. That’s no chump change. Get in and jump start to amass points, earn bonuses, and get at the top of the leaderboard.

Stop by the TSheets Booth at Scaling New Heights 2015 to hear more!

Avalara + You = Hawaii? It could happen!

Guest post from’s Jamee Nunnelee:

Taking less taxing, more relaxing to a whole new level.


Congratulations to Marilyn Sudbeck, CPA and President of Nimbus Consulting, for winning a $5000 trip

to Hawaii by participating in Avalara’s 2014 Win a Trip to Hawaii contest. See Marilyn’s priceless

reaction here.


The contest was created to reward Avalara Partners who are helping their clients and prospects reduce

compliance risk and outsource the most complex and time-consuming sales tax management tasks to

Avalara. “What a great, unexpected surprise to win this trip – all because I helped my clients get their

sales tax compliance house in order!” said Sudbeck.


To enter Avalara’s NEW 2015 Hawaii contest:

1. Fill out the contest entry form.

2. Download Avalara’s new partner prospecting guide to help uncover customers that might be a good

fit for Avalara’s automated sales tax compliance solutions.

3. Start referring clients and prospects to Avalara. Each new referred lead counts as a separate entry

into the contest.



BONUS: If you help schedule the lead you referred for a demo with Avalara by June 30, 2015, we’ll send

you a margarita machine (limit one margarita machine per person). Email [email protected] to claim

your margarita machine by providing proof of assistance in scheduling the demo.

Learn how to become an Avalara Partner here.