4/9/14 Show: Dawn, Woody & Stacy Answer Questions


Questions we answered:
1. Multi-user in QBOA: Hi, is there any way I can let other users into my QBO Accountants account? I would like to have other members of my firm access certain files.
2. Voided check causing unbalanced reconciliation: I accidentally printed a check with a date from a reconciled month. I caught the error after the check was printed, so I went back into the transaction and voided the check per normal. Now, I am trying to reconcile this month and the beginning balance is off. The reconciliation discrepancy report says that this particular check is the culprit. How do I fix my beginning balance? I have tried running another reconcile as instructed by online support, but the voided check reconciles as zero and I am unable to correct my beginning balance.
3. Owners Draw and Retained Earnings: I have entered a new company (sole proprietor) and there are just a few Owner Draw entries. I see that all of them are automatically showing up in Retained Earnings when I pull a Balance Sheet. However, there’s a difference of 71 cents between the two. I don’t understand it. What other categories would Retained Earnings be drawing from? These equity accounts are confusing. I changed QBs generated “Owners’ Equity” to Retained Earnings based on support advise. (Since Owners Equity was pulling a report instead of a register, I was told that it was actually Retained Earnings) Now I have a total of 4 equity accounts: Retained Earnings, Owner Draw, Owner Contribution and a new Owner Equity that I created, although I’m not sure what to do with the new Owner Equity account.
5. We have QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2012, multi-user. I am the host computer: Recently every time I shut down QBs it kicks the user off. Never did this before – is there a solution to this problem?
6. I am trialing QB online and I imported my banking information: I am getting an error that i need to select a different type of account for this transaction. They are mostly banking fees and some debit transactions. Please help.
7. Asked to Rebuild Data Every time I Backup Data: Every time I go to back up my company file I get a message saying I need to rebuild my data. I followed the instructions from this thread http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Back-up-prompts-rebuild-each-155819.S.116702663. I went to my QBWIN.LOG and searched for error messages… this is the only thing that came up as an error. LVL_ERROR–el_cname.c (24699) : CHECKPOINT: 2640: Thu Feb 27 21:06:49

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