Are You a Trusted Advisor or a Trusted Servant?

by: Jennifer Hetherington,

TSheets gives back to ProAdvisors (a.k.a Trusted Advisors) in the 10k Challenge

As a ProAdvisor, do you find yourself working for your clients as a trusted advisor or a trusted servant?

One of the questions we ask in our humorous “Are you a Trusted Advisor” self-help guide, is if you are constantly fixing the same client problems month after month (a.k.a babysitting them) or recommending products to meet those needs and help their business grow more efficient, profitable, etc. As a trusted advisor, the Intuit resource center, is THE best way to find the highest rated and reviewed QuickBooks add-on’s for your clients.
As a time (and money) saving tool for small and medium businesses, we hear from ProAdvisors often, who have referred their clients to try TSheets Time Tracking and thank us for helping them solve one their clients’ biggest payroll problems (note: acting as trusted advisors, versus trusted servants). To show our appreciation for their referrals, we began offering the TSheets PRO program, with benefits such as a free TSheets account, discounted client pricing, dedicated support and training and more.

Due to the abundance of referrals in 2014 to TSheets, we decided to host a 10k Referral challenge, giving away $10,000 to ProAdvisors, a.k.a trusted advisors, who are interested in solving the biggest payroll challenge of their clients this year. No. Joke. Simply sign up to become a TSheets PRO (comes with a free TSheets account, and discounted client pricing) and refer your clients to simply try TSheets for a free 14-day trial.

Find out why ProAdvisors, Accountants, Bookkeepers, business owners and employees all love TSheets, and be a part of the TSheets ProAdvisor 10k Challenge

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