Due to popular demand: we’re back as QBO Show

(Updated 2/22/2016)

Yes, I know, I KNOW.

We said that our last show was in November, and for the most part, it was. The RadioFreeQB/QB Show that you all were familiar with is done. At it IS.

Due to popular demand: we’re back as QBO Show

Here’s the deal.

Just about every week, I’ve received at least one email from an audience member telling us how much they miss the show, and I’ve been gathering some intel about what they liked about the show. Here’s what I’ve found:

1. The podcast format is preferred. Almost all of you have  told us that you loved listening while you’re working. Or at the gym. Being able to subscribe to us on itunes and have the show play in the background was the number 1 request.

2. The original chat format worked best. When we moved to video/google hangouts, we tried a couple of different chat options that just never really worked. Since many of us work from home, and not in a traditional office, the chat room is our happy hour. We can all grab an iced tea, or a glass of wine, and talk about work in that chat room.

3. It was fun. You, our audience, have said that you learn a lot from us – that’s the point of the show – but you also enjoyed the chemistry between us. You liked hearing Dawn order donuts from her car in the drive thru, Woody’s youngest ordering her older siblings around, or my son whispering goodnight.

QBO Show: Thursdays 3pm PST

This is how it’s going to work.

1. We start March 3, 2016. We’ll be on (almost) every Thursday, 3p PST/6p EST. Some weeks we might not have a show, but most of the time we will. Some weeks we might not all be there. Some weeks we might have our friend Seth David as guest host.

2. We’re going back to BlogTalkRadio. One of the reasons we moved to live Hangouts was because of the quality on BTR. I’ve been looking at the service again lately and it’s really improved quite a bit.

3. It will sponsored (for now) by StacyKAcademy.com

4.It’s going to be all QuickBooks Online, Firm of the Future and apps. No desktop. The reason for this is because that’s where the market is going. For those hardcore desktop people, I say: sorrynotsorry.

5. We’ll still have guests. We already have shows scheduled through June, but I know that Tom Palfreyman from Intuit for sure will be on! I’m hoping our friends Kim Amsbaugh, Chris Repetto, David Leary and Matt Rissell will

I think that’s it for now. I am so excited to be spending time with my friends again – not just Dawn and Woody – but all of you that have been with us since we started 5 years ago!

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