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Are You a Trusted Advisor or a Trusted Servant?

by: Jennifer Hetherington, TSheets gives back to ProAdvisors (a.k.a Trusted Advisors) in the 10k Challenge As a ProAdvisor, do you find yourself working for your clients as a trusted advisor or a trusted servant? One of the questions we ask in our humorous “Are you a Trusted Advisor” self-help guide, is if you are… Continue Reading

Guest Blog: Bookkeeping Buds

Thank you to Cindy Schroeder of Bright Bookkeeping! One of the biggest struggles that I faced when I started as a soloprenuer was the lack of a sounding board.  Although I did not miss the office politics and endless birthday cake celebrations that occurred when I was working for someone else I did miss not… Continue Reading

Choosing Automated Employee Time Tracking is Like Finding Money in the Couch Cushions; Discover how a Construction Company “Found” $10,000

By Zena Brand, VP of Strategy & Brands, Have you ever looked under the couch cushions and found some change? What if you could look inside the numbers of your business and do the same? Inside a local construction company (let’s call the owner Mr. Build) there was a buzz of activity. Supervisors were… Continue Reading