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What is Qvinci?

Qvinci is a cloud-based financial reporting tool for accountants & bookkeepers, franchises, and other multi-unit or multi-client organizations. On a daily basis we automatically sync all types of QuickBooks files (and others) into an account with single sign-on access, unlimited log-ins for clients, 6 types of standard reports, and email alerts. Automated file health checks keep files clean and errors to a minimum.

Why do Accountants & Bookkeepers use Qvinci?

With unlimited log-ins, accountants & bookkeepers save days of work each month by not having to create and email reports to clients. And with the ability to mix QuickBooks Online files and QuickBooks Desktop files in a single account, client reporting is standardized, even through transitions. Many customers and clients also like being able to continue to use QB Desktop with the convenience of cloud reporting.

For clients with multiple locations, Qvinci’s financial file consolidation and benchmarking features are unparalleled for hassle-free, low-overhead reporting. This allows accountants and bookkeepers to expand their role from one of collecting data and building reports to being able to provide business analysis and insight – creating opportunities for deepening engagements with clients and offering more services.

Qvinci features include:

  • access to all linked client files with a single sign-in
  • daily file “Health Check” monitoring to identify basic accounting errors (before clients see them)
  • up to 36 months of data: P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Sales by Customer, Expense by Vendor, AP/AR aging
  • peer benchmarking (industry benchmarking coming soon!)
  • dynamic mapping to a Standard Chart of Accounts with ability to view reports with native or standard account names
  • customizable non-financial properties for advanced report filtering


How much does Qvinci cost?

Qvinci’s pricing model allows accountants with single-location-only clients (no consolidation) to use the application for free. For clients with multiple locations requiring consolidation, the cost is $14.95/file/month, with discounts for annual subscriptions and organizations with more than 100 files to consolidate.

Where can I try Qvinci?

Create an account today at . Our great support team will help you get connected and make sure you and your clients are getting the most out of your Qvinci account.

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