QuickBooks 2013 R6 Has Landed

By Woody Adams

Hello Radio Free QuickBooks land, how goes it today? Are you using 2013? Do you want a more obvious way to color code a company file….to make sense of your multiple QB file universe? R6 has landed, as I am sure you have heard by now.

Last night I am watching a movie. I think Nick Cage is in it, called “Stolen”. For the most part entertaining, but I was really just biding my time, chomping, till the R6 webpatch hit the support site. I kept checking every 5 minutes or so as my buddy Jacint told me it would be there by 8:30 PST. But he just have been out surfing, cause the next thing I knew is it was morning and I was sleeping on top of my laptop…on the floor. No idea how I got there. Fortunately for me, Nic threw a blanket over me at some point during the night. As I was firing up the QuickBooks support site to download and install R6, I kept wondering what the hell happened to Nick Cage. I think he lived. Yup, he saved his daughter from some maniac and lived. I think he even faked out the cops and kept the gold, or at least 300 K worth. Nick doesn’t care about R6. His accountant uses QBO. You and I and all our desktop peers should care. Here is why…

The support site has it like this:






You can read all the detail at this link: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/INF21754

Other than solving for some of the known stability issues in QB 2013, R6 gives us more company file color options. You find these options where you would expect them to be, Edit/Preferences/My Preferences:













Once you select your color, here is what you will see. The color is wicked obvious (I am from the Boston area, though this word was not in the vernacular back in the 70’s), and the colors are at the top and outlining the windows. The default color is black. The left icon bar remains black regardless, but I know a lot of us are using the Top Icon bar. Remember, R5 gave us the ability to change the top icon bar to the older light blue coloring. There are some other minor UI changes for the better, one being form field names are in CAPS. To me, it looks crisper, and with the company file coloring outlining windows, I now like using the Left Icon bar as I like the color combination. It is fresh, sharp, elegant ( I never use this word….ever).  He doesn’t. I can vouch for that. -Stacy



And for those who do payroll and have wanted to set item amount limits not just annually but by Month, that is in there too. Someone will care about that one…





Perusing the KB article above for R6 details, here are some changes I think are cool. This may or may not be relevant for everyone, but I am glad they got in there:

  • When the sort by option “Date,Type,Number/Ref” is chosen, deposits will now be listed first for transactions created on the same date.
Batch Enter Transactions
  • Batch Enter Transactions’ menu item is now accessible under the Company menu for non-accountant versions of QuickBooks Enterprise v13.0.
  • The Item Image window has been re-sized to support lower resolutions.
  • Increased the number of rows visible on the Bins tab in the Inventory Center.
  • All customer information (phone, email, etc.) will be added to any new jobs created for it.
  • When multi-currency is enabled, total values will be reflected properly on a Purchase Order when it is created from an Estimate.
  • Pressing the “s” key on the Employee Defaults window will act as a hot key to select a Class.
  • Improved performance of the Send Payroll Data workflow.
  • QuickBooks will not prompt to send Direct Deposit for Vendor payments if Direct Deposit for Vendor is not active for the company file.
  • QuickBooks will no longer display the message “You have Direct Deposit checks to send” when there are no checks to send.
  • Monthly payroll item limits are now supported.
  • After a check is voided and sent to Intuit using Direct Deposit, only a Cleared watermark will be displayed.
  • Improved overall PDF performance by resolving issues that prevented the ability to save as PDF.
QuickBooks Online Banking
  • QuickBooks will no longer display the error “There is Not Enough Memory to Complete this Action”, when attempting to deactivate an account set up for online banking.
QuickBooks Online Services
  • The Pay Online option on the Write Checks window will now be enabled in company files with multi-currency enabled and running in multi-user mode, only if the base currency is selected to USD.
  • Sales Description will now show on all reports except for Purchase reports
  • Resolved an issue that caused the word “Overflow” to show on a memorized cash basis custom transaction detail report instead of dollar amounts


R6 is a critical release for all desktop QB 2013 users, accountant and client alike. When you launch your QB Pro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions 2013 product and get the prompt to install the update, click Install Now.

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