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Please welcome our latest sponsor, Qvinci

We’re so excited to introduce the latest member of family, an incredible app!!! Here’s our guest post from: What is Qvinci? Qvinci is a cloud-based financial reporting tool for accountants & bookkeepers, franchises, and other multi-unit or multi-client organizations. On a daily basis we automatically sync all types of QuickBooks files (and others) into… Continue Reading

Please Welcome Fundera to the Family!!!

Welcome to the QB Show’s newest sponsor, Fundera! The most recent addition to (check out their App Card here), we’re happy their joining the ranks of our amazing sponsors. So, what IS Fundera? Simply put, its the easiest and quickest way to get a small business loan. Right now, 82% of small businesses are… Continue Reading

Stacy’s 99% Article from Fundera Ledger Blog

Here’s a like to Stacy’s article on why almost every QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Mac clients could and should be on QuickBooks Online. “First off, let’s start with clarifying that the 99% here – is entirely made up. I have not one statistic, survey, or report to cite. It’s just my belief that almost everyone… Continue Reading